1.1.1. Persons who are professional hosted buyers and who wish to take part in the event on the complimentary basis must fill in the application form at www.moscow2019.cis-wealth.com

1.1.2. Filling out the form on the website does not guarantee participation in the event free of charge. In order to ensure high quality and precise accordance of the participant to the target audience, each candidate will be subject to a review to determine whether they fulfil the eligibility criteria.

1.1.3.  The plan for professional hosted buyers which includes the possibility of free participation is intended for the business owners, directors/CEO’s or individuals who have the opportunity to influence the decision to purchase financial and legal services (including opening bank accounts, purchasing real estate, registering a family office, trust, hedge-funds, company restructuring).

1.1.4. In order to be considered as part of the target audience the candidate must hold a position within the following categories: large and medium business owners, top managers, CFO’s, firm’s tax lawyers, private and institutional investors, company registration agents, professional investment consultants, directors of family offices, portfolio managers, property management consultants, managing directors of companies dealing with trade of foreign real estate, corporate and trust services, lawyers, auditors and stock brokers.

1.1.5. Representatives of foreign companies in the Russian Federation may participate in the event in accordance with the terms of participation for foreign delegates.

1.1.6. Individuals who are unable to provide proof of their professional activity or their formal employment at a given company, cannot participate in the event free of charge.

1.1.7. The candidates will be selected by the event organiser and notified of the status of their application by email, using the contact details provided in the application form.

1.1.8. The organizer reserves the right to reject the application without further explanation. The decision of the Organiser cannot be disputed.

1.1.9. Each candidate can only send one application. If the number of applications is exceeded only the first application will be taken into account.

1.1.10. If the participant cannot attend the conference personally, they may not grant the right to participate in the event to another person, without prior approval of the Organiser.

1.1.11. For the confirmed participants, taking part in the event free of charge, it is mandatory to give written notice, prior to the event, to the organiser if the participant is, for any reason, unable to attend the conference. Otherwise, participation on a free of charge basis will not be granted in the future events held by the organiser.


1.2.1. The cost of participation for foreign delegates is 300 euros per person. The discount for the participation of second and each subsequent representative of the company is 10%

1.2.2. Cancellation policy:

— Cancellation of participation 31-60 days prior to the event -100% of the participation cost will be reimbursed.

— Cancellation of participation 15-30 days prior to the event- 50% of the participation cost will be reimbursed.

— Cancellation of participation 1-15 days prior to the event – the cost of participation is non-refundable.

1.2.3. The delegates whose participation has been confirmed and who, for any reason, cannot attend the conference may appoint another delegate from their company or withdraw their application by notifying the organiser before 10th of February 2019.



2.1. Entrance to the event is allowed for registered participants only after confirmation of registration/receipt of payment by the organizer.

2.2. Distribution of any promotional materials is only allowed for sponsors and participants of the exhibition.

2.3 Photo and video recordings of the formal part of the conference can only be done by the Organiser, sponsors or participants of the exhibition.

2.4. The organizer reserves the right to use/publish photo and video-materials of the conferences (and its participants) in open sources (including the event website, official social media accounts, advertising articles and printed/electronic publications of the partners).

2.5. Participants are to abide by the generally accepted standards of business ethics and proper behaviour.

2.6. Wearing of the personal badge is mandatory for each participant of the conference, participants of the exhibition, sponsors, and speakers.



3.1. Participants of the event are personally responsible for processing the necessary documents for obtaining a visa, finding and covering the costs related to accommodation and transport.

3.2. The organizer can provide information and consulting services regarding the documents and procedures for obtaining visas, provide assistance in obtaining visas with the aim of attending the event (tourist voucher), however, the Organiser does not guarantee that a participant will obtain the document.