CIS WEALTH MOSCOW 2019 Guide for Speakers and Exhibitors

Dear Partners,

We will be happy to meet you at CIS WEALTH 2019 in Moscow on the 18-19th of February 2019. We hope the event will be useful for your business as well as for our delegates. Please find below the advice with aim to organize the exhibition on a high level.

Event Venue

Marriott Moscow Grand Hotel (Grand Ballroom – 1st floor)
Address: 26/1 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, 125009, Russian Federation
Tel. +7 495 937 0000, Web:

Event Details

Conference & Expo Time-table
Monday, 18 February  2019 – 10.00 – 19.00
Tuesday, 19 February 2019 – 10.00 – 18.00

Guidance for Speakers

• Speaking slot – 30 min (incl. 25 min speech + 4 min for questions and answers)
• Conference chairman will announce each speaker shortly including speaker’s name, job title, company, jurisdiction and theme of the presentation
• Organizers will arrange your presentation on the laptop in the conference room
• Wired and wireless microphones, and laser pointer will be provided
• Format of presentations – Power Point and/or PDF (.ppt, .pptx, .pdf)
• Presentation size – 1 slide per 1 minute of the speech (maximum 25-30 slides)
• Chairman of the conference will warn you 5 minutes before the end of the presentation by the ring in the bell. This means that you have another 5 minutes to stress the main points of your speech and make conclusion
• Official languages are English and Russian. Simultaneous interpreting will be provided
Please send your presentation slides for interpreters to study before the 10th of February 2019
• Speakers must respect other participants of the conference, avoiding statements that may affect professional reputation of other speakers, sponsors and participants of the conference. Please follow the conference time-table, start and finish your speech in time

Guidance for Exhibitors

Exhibition Set-Up

Time of Exhibition set-up  – Sunday, the 17th of February 2019 – 05.00 – 08.00 p.m.

• Exhibition is table-top style
• Exhibitors will have 1 table + 3-4 chairs for company personnel and guest
• Tables will be covered by hotel table-cloths. You may bring your table-cloth with your brand and logo
• Allowed banner sizes are 1x2m, 2x2m or max size 2x3m.
• Only stand-alone banners, roll-ups and advertising constructions are allowed, nothing is allowed to be fixed on the walls of the hotel
• Food & beverages (except souvenirs and branded products) are not allowed (except those ordered in the Hotel)
• Employees of the exhibitor company are responsible for set-up banners and constructions on their own (hotel personnel and organizers will not be able to assist)

If you require any additional equipment or special furniture, televisions, electricity, etc. please send your request to the organizers.

Exhibiton Dismantlement

• Exhibitor company employees should dismantle all of their equipment after the conference
• Exhibition dismantlement is only allowed after the official closing of the 2nd day of the conference
• Any materials or banners left after the exhibition will be utilized by the Hotel
• Neither Organizers, nor Hotel will keep and store any lost items
• The Hotel employees may deliver luggage to the room of contact person in the hotel in case of receiving this request

Delivery Procedures

• The organizers will prepare 300 delegate’s bags to hand out. Please provide sufficient number of leaflets, which you would like to insert in the bags
• Should you ask organizers to put your materials in bags in your absence please send proper instructions and mark the materials that should be placed in delegate’s bags and / or exhibitor’s desk
• Exhibitor should deliver all materials in time and take on all responsibilities on delivering, tax and customs expenses
• CUSTOM CLEARANCE – the parcel delivered to the Hotel must be cleared at Customs
• Neither Hotel, nor the conference Organizer will be responsible for custom clearance procedures. Please clarify all information in your delivering company and check all duties and fees directly. Send all materials in advance to have enough time to solve all questions that may arise
• Exhibitors should deliver all materials to the aforementioned hotel or leave them at the reception desk on the name of conference organizers – Julia Kushnir or Julia Velykokhatko, clearly marking the conference name: CIS WEALTH MOSCOW.

By car from your local office in Moscow

In case you deliver all materials personally using your own car, please send us the car’s plate number for parking access and access to baggage elevator. Time of arrival should be 15.00 – 20.00.

Sending packages in advance by international delivery services

Should you stay in Marriott Moscow Grand hotel, please send your materials by post or via DHL, TNT or other delivering services.

You should indicate YOUR NAME in the recipient field (DO NOT put the name of the Hotel). You may state the following in the address field: 26/1 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, 125009, Russian Federation (DO NOT MENTION the name of the Hotel).

Please DO NOT send the packages to the hotel name,the hotel manager or the conference organizer. DO NOT estimate the parcel value over 100 euro. The estimation over this sum requires the customs fees to be paid and that may take too long. The max weight of one parcel should be less that 20 kg.

CIS Wealth Moscow 2019 Floor Plan

Your contact at Marriott Moscow Grand

Marina Mescheryakova, Senior Event Management Coordinator

Event Organizers

Julia Kushnir mob: +7 965 301 8022, E-mail:
Julia Velykokhatko mob: +7 965 301 8554, E-mail: